Dynamic Hybrid Mattress Solution

Dynamic Hybrid Mattress Solution

The DualFlex is a dynamic replacement mattress system, combining both highperformance static foam, and active alternating
air cell technology for exceptional patient comfort and healing.

Specifically developed for patients at 'High Risk' of developing pressure ulcers, this flexible step-up mattress, provides cost-effective pressure ulcer prevention and healing in one excellent system.

The high-performance foam layer features a zonal area design, including; GELTEX® inside technology, to provide effective redistribution of pressure on the sacrum, head, shoulder blades and heel areas. Alternating therapy can be quickly and easily applied by connecting the ultra-quiet pump, whilst still providing a peaceful sleeping environment.

The DualFlex presents a very flexible step-up or step-down mattress system to cater for higher or lower risk patients all in one, cost effective pressure relieving mattress solution.

DualFlex Features:

• GELEX® inside technology- clinically proven, breathable, medical grade foam

• Low interface pressures for improved blood circulation and wound healing

• Ultra-quiet pump-less than 28db, for a peaceful sleeping environment

• Auto-set – no need to input weight, with ability to manually adjust for patient comfort

• IPS technology – perfectly adjusts air pressure to suit individual patients and their movements

• Low pressure alarm and Power failure alarm

• Patient transfer mode

• Channels for hose and cell connections to avoid pressure points on the surface

• Handles for ease of carring

• Buckle and straps for safely securing it to the bed frame

• Nylon cells with TPU laminations for longevity

• Durable, vapour permeable and water resistant 2-way stretch coverlet to protect the skin from shearing

• Hidden zip for improved infection control

• Flexible contour design for profiling beds.

Ideal for:

• When patient comfort is of upmost priority

• Patients up to 250kgs

• Patient at High risk of developing pressure ulcers.

Technical Data

Pump Specifications :

Dimensions : 26 x 22 x 9 (cm)

Weight : 2.5Kg

Power consumption : 20w

Operating / storage conditions : 5- 40 v/ 15% - 60%

This system is not AP/APG protected.

Mattress Specifications :

Dimensions : 90 x 200 x 18 (cm)

Weight : 8Kg

Foams : GELTEX inside, SB41/130, SB40/170, SB50/210

Air cells : Nylon with TPU lamination material

Cover : Polyester tricot with PU lamination