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With over thirty years of experience, Carilex has established itself as a global leader in the wound care industry by developing state-of-the-art technology for preventing and managing pressure ulcers. Established relationships with medical institutions worldwide allow us to gain critical insight into the needs of our patients and their clinicians.

Our expertise in research and development, manufacturing, and quality control and assurance allow us to provide unparalleled products in wound care management in the form of comprehensive product lines proven to prevent and manage pressure sores and wounds.

Our strength is in our people and their dedication to and belief in the excellence of the Carilex product. It is evident in our continuous and rigorous devotion to providing the finest medical devices. Together with commitment and constant innovation, Carilex is driven forward by our motto - CARING MAKES THE DIFFERENCE.

All of us at Carilex believe paying extra care in everything we do is the key to making real differences. We take pride and find joy in knowing that our patients are in good hands when they are using Carilex products.


Vision and Commitment


For over 30 years, Carilex has been working to provide the best pressure wound care and prevention devices to patients and caregivers all over the world. Carilex has since established itself as a pioneering and innovative company, using state-of-the-art technology and focusing on excellent user experience to create the finest range of proven wound care management products.

Our Vision:

To become a world leader in manufacturing medical devices to prevent pressure ulcers and wound care management.

Our Mission:

We aim to aid the healing of, and reduce incidents of pressure ulcers, in all care settings with our pressure wound care products.

We believe that pressure ulcers are largely avoidable, and the wound care quality can enhance through proper management. In this regard, we work tirelessly to help improve the quality of care for patients all over the world.

We believe in providing effective wound care solutions and that our products should be shaped by our partners, caregivers, and our patient's needs. We strive to continuously provide innovative and reliable medical solutions based on comfort and quality for all levels of care and situations.

Our Core Values:

Carilex is driven by our commitment to care and our motto - "Caring makes the difference." All of us at Carilex believe paying extra care in everything we do is the key to making a real difference. This philosophy and the passionate staff at Carilex allow us to go the extra mile, be creative, and work with some of the best people in our field to create the best possible outcomes for carers and patients. We pride ourselves as a company that always cares about what we do and always cares about the patients' well-being.


Start at 1985

Original concentration in textile and garment industry

Shifted industry focus to medical products. Leveraged garment and textile expertise to began OEM manufacturing of mattresses and coverlets

Designed and manufactured first power control unit Collaborated with Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) of Taiwan

Granted a Patent for Rotor Valve

Establishment of R&D Team
Integration of in-house capabilities spanning from design and engineering to manufacturing and distribution

ISO 13485 certification for quality management systems for medical device

Introduced I.P.S. Technology

Carilex GmbH
Established EU operations center in Germany(R&D, Sales & Marketing, Distribution)

2007: Granted patent and introduced A.R.T. Technology

Carilex UK
Established UK operations center in England(Sales & Marketing, Distribution)

Design and built a 6 stories, 98,00 Sq Ft, state-of-the-art corporate headquarters to house 120 employees and accommodates the growing production.

Carilex Medical &Carilex USA USA FDA 510(k)
Name changed from Suzric Enterprises to Carilex Medical Established North American operations center in United States (Sales & Marketing, Distribution)


Relentless pursuit of greatness


Our responsibility goes beyond producing great medical devices, is it also our commitment to deliver a reliable and consistent service, where the customer and patients’ needs are put first.

Carilex understands that everyone’s needs are different, so our strategy focuses on providing a more unique and flexible service, that consistently exceed customer expectations.

We work closely with our distributors, care homes, hospitals and their patients to fully understand each market’s specific requirements. Our state of the art facilities and brilliant R&D team, allow us to quickly develop, test and manufacture new products for these markets. We also constantly measure our performance and implement improvements to offer the best service possible.

Driven by our commitment to caring, we believe that everything we design should come from our patients. Through our dedicated teams and their vast knowledge in wound care, pressure ulcers, patient comfort, and the carers needs, we are able to develop and manufacture medical devices, that come from a true understanding of what improves the quality of care.


Regulatory affairs


Experienced Regulatory Affairs Team

CE Certification for Carilex Products

FDA 510(k) Clearance for Carilex Products

Support for Regulatory Accreditation worldwide

Established Medical Device Reporting System

Carilex complies with extensive regulatory regarding safety, effectiveness, and overall quality of our products, which have CE mark and 510(k) clearance according to the Federal Food, Drug and Comestic Act. Carilex streamlines and standardizes the processes of continually adapt to changing regulatory requirement to fulfill global demands.

Carilex is also subject to local regulations. We have successfully assisted our customers in obtaining regulatory approval in North America, Europe and Asia. Besides pre-market clearance, Carilex also complies with all applicable FDA requirements which include establishment registration, device listing, post-market surveillance, and established medical device vigilance system.


Environment Policy


Following Regulatory Obligation, Responding Environment Protection.

Encouraging Full-members Participation, Fulfilling Ecological Conservation.

Practicing Green Supply Chain, Enhancing Environment Performance.

Valuing Energy Resource, Designing Low-Carbon innovation.

Continuous Improvement, Sustainable Development.


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