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Carilex is very fortunate in the sense that we seem to be able to always attract the most dedicated professionals working alongside each other. Extraordinary talents from all over the world working tirelessly at Carilex because of one philosophy - Caring makes the difference.

With a concentration in wound prevention and healing, Carilex never ceases to strive for being a leading company in wound care. Our philosophy is simple, however, behind that simplicity is a group of devoted people who would not be satisfied with producing anything less than perfect. It is our absolute passion to continuously create outstanding medical devices for healthcare communities around the world. Because we care, and caring makes a world of difference.


UK Team

Home to the UK Managing, UK Sales and Customer service. Carilex UK form an important hub of knowledge and expertise. Situated on the UK’s south coast with excellent transport links, the Carilex UK is setup to deliver a fast and effective service all around the United Kingdom.

Business Development Manager-James Barratt

James Barratt

Business Development Manager

James Barratt started his professional career as a Registered Nurse. With over 15 yrs experience in nursing James moved into the healthcare medical devices market. With over 13yrs of knowledge in Negative Pressure Wound Therapy and Support Services James has a proven track record within this industry. Working within the NHS and private healthcare markets he has shown a passion for both fields of business, but also demonstrates strong fundamental beliefs that the patient is the most important part of any sales process.



Housing over 120 employees with state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, Carilex Asia Headquarters is a 6 storey, 98,00 Sq Ft building designed and built to accommodate the fast growing production demands for the company. Carilex Asia integrates capabilities spanning from design and engineering to manufacturing and distribution under one roof, to ensure we always deliver the most efficient, precise medical devices.


ANZ Team

Our Australian office joined the growing Carilex family in 2014, setting up a dedicated distribution centre and bringing with them a wealth of industry experience and knowledge. With their unique positivity and drive, the Australian team established crucial partnerships and helped develop our products, to successfully launch the Carilex brand into the Australasian market.




Joe brings a respected track record in start up organisations and business development within the global healthcare industry. With a strong background in international sales and marketing he is a seasoned business executive with operational experience throughout the American, European, Middle Eastern and Asian markets.

With a passion for the Medical Device industry, Joe has been the driving force behind launching the Carilex brand into the Australian & New Zealand markets. He leads the local team in the pursuit to position Carilex as the leading pressure care company in the ANZ region.




Natalie brings over 20 years of experience working in the Healthcare industry with over 15 years of direct clinical experience. As a Speech Pathology Area Manager she was responsible for the management and development of Speech Pathology services across Central Coast Health. Natalie holds a Bachelor of Applied Science from the University of Sydney.



Rental Service Medical is a small yet strong company. As the only athouriized Italian Carielx importer, through its network of clients Rental was able to cover the whole territory, always guaranteeing a perfect service, for both private patients and hospitals. Rental Service Medical is enriched by its sanitation facility, which can accomodate up to 50 anti decubitus systems per day.

Managing Director-ANDREA NOE


Managing Director

After a long experience in the support surfaces business, Andrea Noè is now a strong professionalwho helped Carilex build a nation wide presence in the Italian market. Starting from the late ‘80s, he has been a pioneer in the launch of the first high tech support surfacesand in the development of one of the widest rentalnetwork in Europe. From the mid ’00 he matched hisknow-how with an important American manufacturer, introducing new technologies applied to antidecubitus mattresses. Always in closecooperation with both producers and end users, in nearly three decades he developed a great skill in R&D. His acquired proficiency helped Carilex in the past years to create some of the most sophisticated products in the market today.His knowledge and passion are what drives him and the reason why he became such an important entity in the Carilex world.


EU Team

The Carilex European Headquarters form an important hub for our EU sales and customer service teams, EU marketing, as well as Specialist Engineering Department. With vast knowledge and expertise for the market and products, the Carilex EU team provide exceptional services throughout the entire European continent

EU SALES DIRECTOR-Pierluigi Dragoni

Pierluigi Dragoni


Pier started his career in sales in 1998, moving into sales management in 2006. After running a successful business in textiles and coating, he moved forward into packaging business and specialized in management in automations solution industries where he set up headquarters all over the world. His experience in sales grew worldwide and in 2013 he became Global Sale Director for a trade company and establish a platform for Asian Market and European Market. Pier became the EU SALES DIRECTOR for Carilex in 2018. Adding his competence and worldwide business knowledge to Carilex’s fast growing market in Europe and the UK.