Carilex Unveils the Latest Alternating Pressure Air Mattress and NPWT Solutions at Arab Health 2024


Bringing over 30 years of expertise in pressure relief and wound management solutions, Carilex Medical specializes in designing and manufacturing alternating-pressure air mattresses and negative-pressure wound therapy systems. The Taiwan-based company is presenting its innovative technologies and aiming to establish a strong presence in the EMEA medical device market at Arab Health 2024, the largest healthcare equipment exhibition in the Middle East, taking place in Dubai from January 29 to February 1.

As one of the few medical equipment companies with over 30 years of expertise and simultaneous integration of smart IoT technology resources, Carilex showcases its IoT Smart Pressure Relief Mattress Care System. The system leverages intelligent distance sensing and a server-based data platform, enhancing care workflow efficiency, and ensuring patient safety and care plan management.

Its latest innovation, TheraFlo Turn, integrates alternating pressure adjustment and a 20-30 degree lateral rotation function, providing suitable pressure relief for patients and assisting in the lateral positioning of long-term bedridden patients. Automated cycle time setting helps alleviate the caregiver burden in repositioning, creating a more comfortable and efficient care environment for both patients and healthcare personnel.

Another standout product from Carilex Medical is the Coziny Plus, an alternating-pressure air mattress designed for pediatrics. Acknowledging the delicate and sensitive skin of children, Carilex places extra consideration in air cell design and fabric selection, ensuring the most protective solution. Available in three mattress sizes catering to newborns up to children weighing 25 kg, Coziny Plus tailors to the unique requirements of young patients.

The VT series of NPWT systems exemplify Carilex Medical's extensive expertise in wound care. These systems offer stable and precise negative pressure technology, a lightweight and portable design, and diverse dressing kit sizes to meet the various wound stages and sizes. Visitors to Arab Health can witness live demonstrations showcasing suction power and adjustable pressure settings and gain insights into a reliable choice for wound care.

Event Details
Date | 1/29 (Mon) – 2/1 (Thu)
Venue | Dubai World Trade Centre
Booth | Z1.E30