We are happy to announce that ENVELOP has been awarded with Taiwan Excellence Award.

We are happy to announce that ENVELOP has been awarded with Taiwan Excellence Award.

Taiwan Excellence Award was established in 1992 by the Ministry of Economic Affairs, R.O.C., the award is recognized in 101 countries around the world.
It focuses on acknowledging products manufactured in Taiwan with outstanding R&D, design, quality and marketing capabilities.

The teams at Carilex work tirelessly to create ENVELOP, we believe ENVELOP is truly a radical improvement for pressure relief systems— A fully automatic system that combines the best technological advancements from Carilex, and introduces Deep Fluid Envelopment Technology (DFET).

DFET allows the patient to be fully enveloped into the mattress, as if the mattress is personalized for each patient and specifically molded around their body. ENVELOP uses air to buoy, or levitates the patient to reduce and equalize pressure, which therefore creates maximum contact to the skin providing optimal pressure relief and pressure redistribution.

With an unprecedented 79% immersion, ENVELOP delivers the exceptional envelopment effect. It is the pressure relief system ahead of its time.

Carilex is deeply honored that the years of hard work we put in to create ENVELOP was recognized by the Taiwan Excellence Award. This award strengthens our belief that producing elegant products with cutting-edge technology is truly Carilex’s calling.

With this award in hand, we strive to continue to create more products with the same relentless pursuit in perfection and precision in the future!